[[t]bɪlɒ̱ŋ, AM -lɔ͟ːŋ[/t]]
belongs, belonging, belonged
1) VERB: no cont If something belongs to you, you own it.

[V to n] The house had belonged to her family for three or four generations.

2) VERB: no cont You say that something belongs to a particular person when you are guessing, discovering, or explaining that it was produced by or is part of that person.

[V to n] The handwriting belongs to a male...

[V to n] They established that the body belonged to a 15-year-old girl.

3) VERB: no cont If someone belongs to a particular group, they are a member of that group.

[V to n] I used to belong to a youth club.

4) VERB: no cont If something or someone belongs in or to a particular category, type, or group, they are of that category, type, or group.

[V in/to n] The judges could not decide which category it belonged in...

[V in/to n] I realized that he and I belonged to different worlds.

5) VERB: no cont If something belongs to a particular time, it comes from that time.

[V to n] The pictures belong to an era when there was a preoccupation with high society.

6) VERB: no cont If you say that something belongs to someone, you mean that person has the right to it.

[V to n] ...but the last word belonged to Rosanne.

7) VERB: no cont If you say that a time belongs to a particular system or way of doing something, you mean that that time is or will be characterized by it.

[V to n] The future belongs to democracy.

8) VERB: no cont If a baby or child belongs to a particular adult, that adult is his or her parent or the person who is looking after him or her.

[V to n] He deduced that the two children belonged to the couple.

9) V-RECIP: no cont When lovers say that they belong together, they are expressing their closeness or commitment to each other.

[V together] I really think that we belong together...

[V with n] He belongs with me.

10) VERB: no cont If a person or thing belongs in a particular place or situation, that is where they should be.

[V adv/prep] You don't belong here...

[V adv/prep] This piece really belongs in the concert hall...

[V adv/prep] I'm so glad to see you back where you belong...

They need to feel they belong.

Derived words:
belonging N-UNCOUNT

...a man utterly without a sense of belonging.

English dictionary. 2008.

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